Final Day

What if this was your final day of life. Would you look back and think what if? Did I miss out? Well it’s to late. You could call it game over, finish, kaput and so on and so on. The point I am trying to make is that whatever you have in mind, do it before that final day comes. Because by then it is too late, you can’t change anything.

When your’e dead you are dead, until then there is ice cream.


Think Big

Yes, think big. Never let anyone and I mean anyone spoil your dreams, who ever they are. This happens far to frequent in life. You come up with an idea, worked out the logistics of the plan, just to have it squashed and you let go of your pursuit of excellence.  Well don’t you will regret for the rest of your life. When you let your dreams go you are finished. Confront those who challenge you. Ask why, don’t they have dreams of their own or are they just jealous of you for having the need of excitement in their lives.

We all have to remember that we are on this planet for such a  short time and we need to challenge ourselves everyday.

So my advice is to get going on your dreams and full fill your needs.

Decision Making

Decision Making: the action or process of making important decisions.

Everyday we face moments when we have to make decisions. Shall we buy? Shall we go? and the list is goes on and on.

The most important decisions we make are about ourselves.  

Decisions are usually made in a situation of some unknown, we can never be completely sure what tomorrow will bring. If like me making decisions are a difficult process. Human nature dictates that we all want to make the correct decision that will effect our lives without any undue stress. But take it from me, if your decision making is anything like mine, every decision I make usually causes me stress and the outcome, you guess it! a failure. 

Well, my life has been a series of failures. However, it is how you handle these failures. The key is that you don’t give up on trying. Don’t be discourage, it is easy to just follow the crowd. Remember the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor is your life. 

So when you have a decision to make, always go with gut. Don’t think about the outcome, life is journey and not a race, we get knocked back everyday. But we need to have faith in whatever decisions we make.   

One of my favorite songs performed by, don’t laugh, Miley Cyrus is called The Climb. Just listen to the lyrics. You may get inspiration about how you want to pursue your life. 

Taking Care of Yourself

When helping others, we tend to forget about ourselves. Even to the extreme that we neglect to do the basic everyday tasks, we go out of way to please everyone, whatever the outcome to ourselves. Well it time to say NO. Even if it means upsetting the person. Get used to saying “no” once in while. It all comes down to what suits you. Make time for yourself, do the things you want to do. Play golf, go fishing or read a book without distraction. It is difficult to say NO, but you need to able think if I say YES, I might not have time for yourself.

You can get taken for granted, so be careful. The important part of life is what suits you.